A Place to Call Home.

Safe, affordable housing and a supportive and inclusive community for women and their families.
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what we do

Women led housing.

2 Buildings
73 Suites
134 Residents
our mission

We focus on

Housing for women of the greater downtown eastside of Vancouver, including those with children, disabled women and older women. We believe housing is a right of all people.

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Our calling

We aim to

Encourage diversity and inclusivity by fostering a culture of safety, understanding, and respect.  We work to actively promote social justice, human rights, and the autonomy of the women we serve.

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What our residents say

I like the feeling of care that comes from the management and the Board of Mavis. The women that live at Mavis, if they have problems, it seems like they get more personal attention from the management and Board than in other places.

Mavis McMullen Resident

Staff keep up the building. Out of all the housing that I’ve seen in the last number of years, anything connected with  BC Housing, Mavis is one of the best kept buildings of all of them. Because it’s well- kept it’s a healthier building.

Mavis McMullen Resident

Living at Mavis McMullen provided me with the opportunity to get my Masters and PhD while raising my daughter as a single mom — something I know I wouldn’t have been able to do without affordable, secure housing for us. It has also afforded me the space and security to transform a difficult coparenting relationship with her dad to a healthy, respectful and successful one.

Mavis McMullen Resident

Thanks to MMHS for giving me a home for all these years, a nice home, not a shack.

Mavis McMullen Resident

There is a real focus on building community within the building. It feels safe and children-friendly.

Mavis McMullen Resident
what we need

Our Wishlist

Money for community dinners
Snacks for kids
Coffee, pantry items, food staples
Playground equipment
Outdoor toys
Safe hockey playing area
Mattress covers
New linens
Laundry supplies
Household supplies
your contributions
Your time and donations help us maintain our buildings to keep them safe and healthy and to build community through programs and events.