Mavis McMullen Housing Society (MMHS) is a non-profit charitable organization established in 1986 and incorporated in 1987. We offer stable, affordable, and independent housing to low-income women and their families living with multiple challenges.

what we value

Our mission

To provide stable affordable housing for low-income women of Downtown Eastside and East Vancouver, those with children, disabled women and older women – housing in which social justice, human rights and a culture of safety and wellbeing are actively promoted by adhering to the values of inclusivity and diversity, and respecting the autonomy of everyone involved, with the belief that housing is a right of all people.

what we value

How we do it

Mavis McMullen Housing Society (MMHS) operates two buildings, Mavis McMullen Place and Haley Place, providing independent housing to approximately 134 tenants. The two buildings are operated and maintained by four staff members, and the operations are overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors. At MMHS, the primary leaseholder is always a woman, which allows our tenants to make decisions about their relationships without the fear of becoming homeless. The Staff and Board of MMHS strive to ensure that the resources and support we offer reach every woman in that house.

Our priority is to treat every woman with respect and dignity, acknowledging their autonomy, with awareness that each woman has specific needs based on their unique histories, beliefs, strengths and challenges. We facilitate opportunities for women to engage with the community and the various available services and supports. We seek to help the women we house overcome the persistent barriers they are faced with.

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Your time and donations help us maintain our buildings to keep them safe and healthy and to build community through programs and events.